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New York City is an emerging capital for new technology. WNYC’s New Tech City explains what’s coming next and how New Yorkers are changing the way people live and work.
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Cell phone charging station? WiFi hotspot? The city is asking for suggestions on what to do with its 11,412 payphones. What do you think? More on our New Tech City blog: Reinventing the Payphone Kiosk

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For our latest episode of New Tech City, we put together a map of the coworking spaces in New York City. These are sites where freelancers and other independent operators can rent a desk for a day, a week or a month instead of working from home or signing a lease.


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On this week’s episode of WNYC’s New Tech City, we take a look at applying for jobs in the digital age and meet people from the “maker” community, a loose federation of tech-savvy DIYers who are creating their own jobs from scratch.

Reporter Ben Bradford runs his own resume through the software that companies use to screen resumes submitted online and discovers that digital resumes can be a hazard for jobseekers despite being a boon for HR departments. Check out the picture for how NOT to format your resume.

Images from Maker Faire in Queens by reporter Stan Alcorn. He caught up with the editor-in-chief of Wired, Chris Anderson, to discuss the DIY movement of tech-savvy tinkerers known as “makers.” In his new book, Makers, Anderson argues that “making” is a revolution with the power to revive American manufacturing.

Many of those makers gathered this weekend for the World Maker Faire — an event that bills itself as ”the greatest show and tell on earth” and resembles a cross between a science fair, World’s Fair and Burning Man — where makers showed off their creations.

New York City’s Digital Roadmap, published in the spring of 2011, is a sort of founding document or charter for the city’s push to make municipal government — and the citizens it supports — more high-tech.

The brains behind the effort was Rachel Haot (née Sterne), the city’s first-ever Chief Digital Officer.

This week on WNYC’s New Tech City, host Manoush Zomorodi talks to Haot about the state of the city when it comes to technology.

Plus, WNYC’s Dan Tucker reports on how businesses along Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn are using technology in their delis, shops and saloons.

This week on WNYC’s New Tech City, we tackle the intersection of transportation and tech.

Host Manoush Zomorodi talks to Transportation Nation’s Alex Goldmark about the latest technology helping New Yorkers navigate the city by car, taxi, subway and bus, as well as what’s missing from the city’s plan to ease congestion on the roads and rails.

Plus, reporter Tracey Samuelson investigates just how long it will be until underground subway stations and the tracks between them get outfitted with Wi-Fi.

No one knows who the next Mark Zuckerberg will be, but 135 high schoolers at New York City’s Academy for Software Engineering are stepping up to the plate with coding textbooks in hand.

On this episode of WNYC’s New Tech City, we visit a new high school near Union Square, where incoming freshman are already taking computer science and statistics classes as well as teaming up with mentors from New York City’s booming start-up scene.